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This month, we’ve been focusing our efforts on a phenomenon called Hidden Hearing Loss. While not as severe as total deafness, it effects a generous amount of the population without them even knowing it. We at Hough Ear Institute are educators in all forms of hearing loss. While we work diligently to find a cure, we want to adequately equip you with information to protect your existing hearing. The good news is, we’re making bigger and better breakthroughs every day!

In the study of Hidden Hearing Loss, our researchers have begun to take important steps to reverse it. We’ve been pursuing a small molecule approach to promote cochlear nerve fiber outgrowth in a bench top tissue culture model. Basically, we’ve been testing a brand new medicinal approach to reactivating nerves and restoring their connection to the cochlea. This could mean we’re on the verge of a permanent, natural hearing solution.

As exciting as these recent breakthroughs are, we haven’t forgotten that our real mission isn’t to cure Hidden Hearing Loss, but to cure deafness worldwide one patient, one disease at a time until all who have ears can hear. This mission statement isn’t just something we print on newsletters and postcards; we really believe we will create the cure for millions of people all over the world. Now the question is, will you be a part of it?

Right now, you can change the lives of millions of people.  Right now, you can be the one who helps us tip the scale and make a difference. Right now, you could be a part of history in the making!

Hough Ear Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which means our work is strongly reliant on donor generosity. So far, we are blessed with the means to continue our work even as grant opportunities dwindle. Our research is advancing every day, but with every discovery, our work becomes more and more specified, which means we need more equipment, more supplies, and more capital to support these expenses.

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