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NEW Tour Dates for 2017!

Did you know we are on the verge of curing deafness? Our researchers are using silencing RNA, nanoparticle delivery systems and antioxidant technologies to reprogram, heal and protect cells in the inner ear. We want to give you the opportunity to hear our researchers explain these technologies and look through our microscopes and see the results for yourself.

Our tours provide an opportunity for our supporters and people interested in hearing research to hear about the innovative and exciting discoveries developing in our labs!

If you are interested in coming to see what is going on, call our Development Office at (405) 639-2875 we will help you secure your spot.

All tours are from 11:30am until 1pm. Lunch is provided.

Space is limited at each event and slots are filling up quickly, so call today!

Tour dates are listed below:

Friday, January 27th
Friday, February 10th
Friday, February 24th
Friday, March 3rd

If you would like to schedule a private tour or a group on another date, please call our Development Office at (405) 639-2877 or email us at info@houghear.org and we will arrange it for you.

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