Hough Ear Institute Event

The science community. When you hear this phrase, you probably have visions of a bunch of researchers and mad scientists huddled in a lab conducting experiments or debating theories over peer-reviewed journals. Not this time. We flipped that notion on its head and invited you to Science Museum Oklahoma where people from all walks of life met up to join forces and solve one problem – hearing loss.

It is a common and silent problem that plagues millions of lives every day. But for one evening in September, we came together to enjoy each others company and raise awareness about the exciting research at Hough Ear Institute.

The studies conducted in our labs have the potential to restore hearing worldwide.

If you had the great fortune of attending, we are so glad you came! If you missed it, you should check out the chocolate cake in the pictures below and plan on being there next time.

Thank you to all those who donated and are helping bring hope to hearing loss.


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