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Justin De Moss, Director of Development

I’ve only been with the Hough Ear Institute for 14 weeks, but that’s been more than enough time for me to catch the vision. And every day I grow more excited about the possibility of what is ahead.

In this short time, I’ve met with several amazing people and I’m increasingly more expectant as I look forward to meeting more of HEI’s friends and supporters. However, one of the phrases I’ve heard repeated from many is that the Hough Ear Institute is Oklahoma City’s “best kept secret.” While that might be great for a local restaurant, it is a terrible thing for an organization that relies 100% on support from others to keep the mission going. This needs to change.

This starts with you and me. I’m sure you’ve heard that the best form of advertising is by word-of-mouth, and research has shown this to be true. This simple thing can change the entire trajectory of our work. We all need to share the reasons we love HEI and why we sacrifice for the mission. We don’t need to have polished speeches, statistics, or even know all the research details. Friends and family care about you and what you say to them. Let’s invite them into our story…

…the story of our loved ones suffering with hearing loss that makes it difficult to communicate and relate to them well…

…the story of our world-class research and groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs…

…the story of what it would be like to give the gift of sound to people across the globe that can’t afford expensive hearing devices…

…the story of Dr. Jack Hough, M.D. – a man dedicated to his family, to his faith, and to those who are desperately searching for hope.

Beyond these powerful stories, I can give you 300,000 more reasons to have those conversations with your friends and family. Recently, the Jasco Giving Hope Foundation has challenged HEI to raise $300,000 in donations from NEW donors, or those who have not given in the last 24 months. When we accomplish this goal, the Jasco Giving Hope Foundation will match those gifts by writing a check for an additional $300,000 to further advance our research, teaching, and humanitarian aid to those suffering from hearing loss.

You have an amazing opportunity to help us raise a total of $600,000!

Will you share your passion with your friends, family, and neighbors? You never know what will happen by just conveying your enthusiasm and inviting them to join you. Let’s not keep this secret to ourselves any longer.

        If you would like to learn more about HEI or have questions on how to talk to someone about our mission, please contact me at 405.471.9109 or