As you can imagine, tinnitus is an area of particular concern and focus for us at Hough Ear Institute (HEI). Our hearing loss pill, NHPN-1010, has shown great promise for treating both the primary and secondary factors contributing to the persistent phantom noises associated with this auditory disorder. In late 2020, our scientists set out to generate a model of tinnitus that faithfully reproduced many of the features of noise-induced tinnitus that are measured in humans who have tinnitus but seemingly normal hearing. Our plan is to use this advanced model of tinnitus to test the efficacy of NHPN-1010 for preventing, and even potentially reversing, chronic tinnitus. We are currently in the process of completing the first of three phases of this project, and we are very pleased to report our research team has done it again: they have successfully designed and achieved a reproducible and innovative model of noise-induced tinnitus-like symptoms in animals with normal hearing. This tinnitus model captures key macro- and micro-attributes of the disorder, promoting multiple avenues of current and future exploration into this debilitating disorder.      

This research milestone is critical for the successful completion of this project and will now allow HEI researchers to unambiguously test whether NHPN-1010 achieves some, or all, of the therapeutic goals on our bucket list.  We intend to launch the second phase of this project this summer. If successful, this two-year study will help to create a clear framework and path forward for clinical trials for tinnitus and related auditory disorders in human patients. Moreover, using this model of tinnitus, HEI researchers have begun to identify new attributes and potential signature features of this stealthy neurological condition. These new features may prove to be key drug targets for either NHPN-1010, future HEI innovations, or both.   

HEI, the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), and our international pharmaceutical partner remain committed to accomplishing our stated goal of creating the first FDA-approved drug therapeutic for treating tinnitus and are excited you have chosen to join us on this journey of hope and discovery.   

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