We just kicked off our Year-End Match Campaign! Many friends of Hough Came out to bring awareness to global hearing loss and gave financially to finding a permanent cure, but we still need your help!

At Hough Ear Institute, we know the struggles faced by those with hearing loss. More than 340 million individuals worldwide have disabling hearing loss, and of those, only a minimal percentage receive any help at all. Why? Because the single, greatest barrier between them and help is being able to afford it. By finding a cure, we would eliminate the need for expensive hearing aids and devices so that hearing again could be affordable.

Our goal is to find a cure.

Our goal is to find a cure. We have played a pivotal role in the formation of hearing solutions in recent history and we continue to make new discoveries today. Our research has produced impressive results! So far we have successfully made:

  • Crucial discoveries in the creation of the cochlear implant
  • New findings regarding the causes of tinnitus
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  • New findings that will help prevent hearing loss caused by exposure to a specific cancer-fighting drug
  • Developed an oral medication (pill) that can halt and heal hearing loss from bomb blasts that is currently in FDA clinical trials
  • New breakthroughs with the regeneration of hair cells in mammals

The development of the oral medication mentioned above gives us a renewed hope for finding a permanent cure. God has blessed our work with research breakthroughs and new discoveries. He is our guide as we follow His path to the miracle of a permanent cure on behalf to the children He created. Can you imagine a world with no deafness?

Can you imagine a world with no deafness?

Will you be one of those he chooses to help us find a cure?

Would you consider increasing your donation by giving today?

We remain grateful for your partnership on behalf of those with hearing loss.

Please, contact us today to double your dollar.

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