giving tuesday

I am writing to you today to tell you about how your giving has changed the lives of people in your community and around the world.

I often wonder if you really know how much hope you give to those suffering from hearing loss. If you suffer personally, you understand what a great gift this truly is for yourself and others.

Thank you for giving the gift of hope and a cure to those who so desperately want to hear.

Sergeant Mike Deleeza bravely served in our military and came home with a hearing disability. One night, his unit was attacked and they had to run to the gun line and start firing both guns. When the gun went off in his left ear, Mike couldn’t hear anything but ringing for the next two weeks.

When he was discharged, they gave him a hearing test with the news that his hearing loss was severe and he would require a hearing aid. They told his wife that he wouldn’t hear them if there was any background noise, so she would either have to eliminate the noise or speak loudly.

Mike said, “The first thing through your mind whenever you are getting attacked isn’t, “I need to protect my ears,’ it’s ‘I need to protect my vital organs,’ so the first thing you’re grabbing other than your weapon is your body armor and your helmet.”

The last thing on a soldier’s mind is making sure that they will be able to hear once the battle is over. They are thinking about how important it is to get home to their families, not about getting home to listen to their families. They miss a lot of relational conversation because of the hearing loss they acquired while serving.

Because of your donations, the noise induced hearing loss pill discovered by Hough Ear Institute is in Phase 1 of FDA testing. Deleeza said, “If this was around when I was in combat, I would take it every day. You don’t realize how important hearing is until it’s gone.”

You don’t realize how important hearing is until it’s gone.

We now embark on a new journey – one that has the potential to affect millions of lives. Scientists in our labs are working on finding ways to regenerate inner ear hair cells. For many years, this has been thought to be impossible, but in our labs, there is a promising new discovery and we are ready to pursue it with enthusiasm.

Years ago, Hough Ear Institute helped develop the cochlear implant and now hundreds of thousands of people have benefitted from that discovery. Then, the development of a pill to reduce hearing loss after a blast was discovered and is now moving through FDA trials. Now, we are continuing the goal of curing hearing loss one patient, one disease at a time through the advancement of inner ear hair cell regeneration.

If you or someone you love suffers from hearing loss, you know the impact it has had on your life and theirs. You feel compelled to help because of this knowledge. We would like to partner with you so that all who have ears will hear.

Every donation matters. Every donation counts. Please, donate online or mail your donation to:

Hough Ear Institute
3400 NW 56th St, Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

It takes an army to win a battle. We are fighting to restore hearing loss and we need you to join our army as we march forward into 2015. They depend on us, and we depend on you…


Richard D. Kopke, MD, CEO
Hough Ear Institute

P.S. Your gift by December 31 will provide the resources needed to continue research for those who struggle with hearing loss. Thank you for caring and for your special year-end gift for the Hough Ear Institute.