A Note From Our CEO, Dr. Richard Kopke

Thanks to your steadfast support, Hough Ear Institute (HEI) remained on the cutting edge of innovation despite all the challenges experienced in 2020. Together with our COO, Matt West, and the diligence of our research team, HEI achieved the following: 

  • Our team was the first, to our knowledge, to restore the function of outer hair cells in the cochlea. The esteemed journal, Hearing Research, published this major revelation.  
  • Our researchers found a second molecule (HEI-115) makes AOK-1 even more effective. When used together, they boost hearing recovery!  
  • HEI developed a device to improve the delivery of drugs to the inner ear. It has the potential to change some significant surgical procedures to simple outpatient visits.  
  • The HEI research team discovered our hearing loss pill (NHPN-1010) may treat tinnitus! The leading, peer-reviewed journal, PLOS One, published these breakthrough data. 
  • Finally, HEI received a large OCAST grant. It funded the start of a proof-of-concept study for the treatment of tinnitus. Data from this study could lead to an FDA Phase II clinical trial for treating tinnitus! 
Richard Kopke, MD, FACS, Hough Ear Institute