WW 2 Veteran in Dress Uniform

The top two disabilities for veterans are hearing loss and tinnitus. Not gunshot wounds. Not limb loss. Not PTSD. Hearing loss and tinnitus plague soldiers long after their military service ends.  

Hearing damage can occur in a variety of ways. It can come on slowly from repeated noise exposure to loud noise like aircraft engines. Or it can happen immediately from intense noise exposure – like artillery fire or explosions. The damage sustained by soldiers can have a devastating impact on their relationships. It can make concentration and sleep difficult. It can even increase the risk of anxiety and depression. 

Hough Ear Institute was founded by a Navy veteran, Dr. Jack Hough. Our CEO, Dr. Rick Kopke, served in the Army. This firsthand experience gives focus and urgency to our mission. Those who have selflessly served on our behalf deserve the best treatment.  

The pill technology has consistently shown to protect and restore hearing. It is also showing promise as an effective treatment for tinnitus. This medicine has completed phase I of FDA clinical trials. Our pharmaceutical partnership will help this medicine continue through this process into the clinic. 

Because of generous donors like you, we are moving closer toward real treatments. You can be part of the solution. You can support this research and give back to these heroic men and women. Thank you for your heroic support for our veterans.