The holidays are a time to spend with family members and friends.

However, it is also a time to help loved ones who may struggle with issues, like hearing loss.

Around age 65, one out of every three people will have hearing loss.

While hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of, many try to hide it. The consequences of those actions could be isolation and withdrawal, miscommunication with family and friends, safety issues while driving or walking and a decline in thinking skills.

If you notice someone is losing their hearing, there are things you can do to help them feel more comfortable.

Simple things you can do to make them feel more comfortable include the following:

  • Face listener directly when talking
  • Move to an area with good lighting and little background noise
  • Do not shout because it distorts words
  • Rephrase questions- don’t repeat them
  • Never say “Never mind” or “It does’t matter.”

If you suffer from hearing loss, don’t bluff if you don’t understand and try not to interrupt too often. Also, repeat or paraphrase what you thought you heard.

If you need help with hearing loss, you can get a wealth of information from the Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center. You can also call them at (405) 947-6030.

Originally Published: November 30, 2016, KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City

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