By Justin DeMoss

I joined Hough Ear Institute over three years ago. I wanted to be part of the solution for those who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as their loved ones. You see, I fit into both of those categories, but have been more affected by watching loved ones suffer. Since starting at HEI, I have heard countless stories from young and old who suffer as well.

I’ve heard the frustration of people trying to keep their job or their family together while tormented by these conditions.

I’ve heard their desperation, some so downtrodden they are looking for something, anything, to give them hope. A few even confessing to depression so deep they have no desire to keep on living. I’ve spoken to people who have wasted thousands of dollars on so-called “treatments” that were no better than proverbial snake oil scams.

On our own social media pages and various online forums, many of you have, rightfully so, shared your personal accounts and have questioned whether our research and innovations can possibly be any different. I welcome these kinds of responses, because I can relate to the implied undercurrents. I, too, have been told over and over again that there is nothing available to give me relief. Like me, many of you who suffer from tinnitus have been told by experts that we will just have to learn to live with it.

And it is true. There is no FDA-approved treatment for tinnitus on the market today. Does that mean we should not pursue one? There is no cure for stroke, heart disease, or cancer either. Should researchers stop trying? Innovation is the act of introducing something new. New things are scary. New things have never been tried. New things are questioned, doubted, and feared.

This is why I need your help. I want to effectively communicate that we are working on an authentic treatment for tinnitus. One backed by years of research and scientific evidence. How do I convey this message to those who doubt? What would it take to convince someone, like you, to agree to be part of the solution for millions of tinnitus sufferers and support our research financially?

We want to know your answers to these questions. Please email Ashley at or give her a call at 405-639-2856. Your opinion matters. Your support matters. You matter.