Collin Anderson is our newest team member at Hough Ear Institute as Dr. Kopke’s new Executive Assistant. Originally from Port O’Connor, TX, Collin just moved to the Oklahoma City area near the end of October to join HEI. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio, he worked in corporate public relations and special event planning. Later, Collin decided to pursue a career as an educator and has worked in Texas public education for the last eight years. While teaching, Collin graduated from Concordia University in Austin, TX with his M.Ed. degree in Educational Administration.

When it comes to grant applications, he edits and revises documents prior to submission. According to Collin, “[he] quickly found out that grant applications have many different aspects, requirements, and HEI team members who perform a variety of grant related functions.” His favorite part of the process so far is the vast HEI-related specific knowledge he has acquired through the editing process.

Growing up on the Texas coast instilled a love of water in Collin from an early age. Some of his favorite activities include boating, swimming, and riding jet skis. He also enjoys snow skiing, having skied since he was 3 or 4 years old. In addition, Collin loves live music and hopes to take advantage of exploring the Oklahoma City music scene in the future.

Collin’s family all reside in Texas. His mother is a retired schoolteacher, his father works in wholesale seafood, and his brother teaches high school English in Dallas, TX. One thing Collin says he will have to adjust to in Oklahoma is the availability of his favorite food: seafood. His family has been in the seafood business since 1917, so he said, “it might take [him] time to find [his] favorite seafood in Oklahoma.”

About working at HEI so far, Collin said, “I receive great satisfaction from being part of a nonprofit striving to find solutions to an issue that affects so many people, in many ways, across the globe. I find working for Hough Ear Institute very rewarding. I appreciate the opportunity to further the mission of our organization.”