It’s a new year! It’s a new tomorrow! Like many others, I couldn’t wait for 2021 to start. I just wanted to forget about COVID. Was it the same for you? 

Well, it is 2021, and we still have COVID to deal with, plus once in a hundred-year weather and a lot of other challenging things to navigate in our lives. I realized I can’t let all the negativity affect the way I think or behave. There are many reasons to have hope! 

Our research did not stop despite the many challenges others in Oklahoma City faced. It just slowed down a bit to ensure the safety of our researchers and to create adaptive solutions to move the research forward independent of circumstances. In some cases that meant working weekends to ensure our therapeutics could get into the clinic as fast as possible! 

This is Xiangping “Ping” Huang, one of our researchers, laser-focused on advancing our technologies

When other research institutes were closing their doors, HEI’s remained open. In 2020, our researchers doubled the efficacy of our hearing loss injection, started a large proof-of-concept study to help pave the way for a Phase II clinical trial for our hearing loss pill to treat tinnitus, and invented a novel idea for a first-in-class device for drug delivery to the inner-ear that is ready for optimization!  

Not only did our research not stop, neither did our donations. As a matter of fact, because of your generosity in the face of this adversity, we raised more than we had on average between 2016-2018 by over $80,000!  

Our resolve did not lessen in the least, instead, it became stronger.  

Will you join me in creating hope for the future? Whether you currently give or not, consider supporting these amazing research innovations with a monthly gift. You are under no obligation and can stop at any time. Contact Justin DeMoss at or 405.471.9109 to start giving and become a partner in this shared vision.