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For several years you have invested in a treatment for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). It has been an extremely large project both in cost and reward. Your investment is now bearing fruit. The pill has completed an initial Phase I of FDA safety trials with great success and is now moving through the final steps of Phase I into Phase II.

As a reminder, this pill is an antioxidant treatment that will greatly reduce hearing loss in people who have been exposed to a loud noise. These types of injuries are typically seen in military, manufacturing, oil & gas, aeronautical, and trucking applications. We are seeing some evidence that this treatment will also be beneficial as a preventative measure when used in conjunction with normal hearing protection such as earplugs.

The FDA drug approval process is long and tedious, but necessary to keep people safe. We would love to have this drug in your hands right now, but we also want to perform due diligence in order to keep people with hearing loss safe and healthy.

Below is a description from the Food and Drug Administration showing the complete process. As you can see as you scroll through the infographic, we are approaching Step 4 (Phase 2). We continue to need your support as we work toward moving this antioxidant treatment into the hands of those who suffer. Please, consider a gift today which can be given securely online here.

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