Ibrahima Youm, PhD Research Scientist

Ibrahima Youm, PhD
Research Scientist

Dr. Youm received his PhD at the University of Rouen (FRANCE) in Pharmaceutical Sciences. During his PhD program, he studied the pre-formulation of water soluble and partially insoluble drugs and the formulation of pH-responsive microgranules for the treatment of Crohn’s disease and colitis. He received post-doctoral training at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Pharmacy, where he focused on the synthesis and design of drug-loaded nanoparticles intended for inner ear delivery. He has extensive experience in development and validation of high performance liquid chromatography for pharmaceutical analysis, pre-formulation, formulation, physicochemical characterization, drug release and kinetics, as well as in vitro cell studies and in vivo animal studies. Furthermore, he applied these skills for functionalized-nanoparticles to target the carrier in the cochlea of guinea pigs. Dr. Youm has authored 7 papers and co-authored an additional 4 papers in professional journals, plus a book chapter.  He joined Hough Ear Institute in 2014, where he focuses on the development of biodegradable nanocarriers for controlled and site specific delivery of therapeutics in the cochlea for treatment of hearing loss.