Hough Ear Institute Doctor Headshots
Xiaoping Du, MD, MS Research Scientist

Xiaoping Du, MD, MS
Research Scientist

Xiaoping Du received Master of Science and MD degrees from Medical School of Wuhan University in Wuhan China. He has a broad background in ear anatomy, cell biology, molecular biology and immunohistochemistry. As an ear surgeon and researcher at Hubei Medical School, Du performed surviving middle ear and cochlear surgery on patients, as well as on guinea pigs. He carried out experiments on noise and drug-induced hearing loss involving surviving cochlear surgery in guinea pigs and hearing tests (ABR, CAP and CM). As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Du studied hair cell generation in Atoh1 transgenic mice, and effects of utero ethanol exposure on CNS and inner ear using gene transfection, PCR, RT-PCR and immunofluorescence staining. He joined Hough Ear Institute in 2008, where he now focuses on hair cell regeneration and noise or blast induced hearing loss and brain injury.

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