By Andrea Fillmore || Photo by Jordan Nix via Unsplash

What is your favorite pizza topping? I like ham and pepperoni – oh, and with extra sauce. No, I’m not trying to make you hungry. Here’s how the research relates to that warm, cheesy pie you’re craving. 

HEI has been creating an injection that regrows hair cells deep inside the cochlea. It has shown to increase hearing recovery. We are one of only a few labs to regrow these hair cells. What makes HEI special?  

Imagine you order a pepperoni pizza. One slice of that pizza might give you 12% of all the pepperoni. But if you eat a bigger slice, you’re getting a bigger percentage of delicious pepperoni. 

Research labs must create results that are statistically significant. Some labs increase the sample size in their studies to help them achieve statistical significance. They use a bigger slice to show a higher percentage of the desired result. 

HEI’s research creates statistically significant results in a smaller test group. We don’t have to manipulate sample sizes to show that this injection works. 

And what could be better than that? Our scientists have recently improved on this formula, doubling its effectiveness. Yes, you read that right. The injection we are developing will restore more hearing than we thought. Two times as much! 

Your dollars are hard at work! Because of you, our team can produce excellent results that are more efficient than ever! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go order a pizza!