Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the traditions my family observes. We have a massive Christmas Eve deli spread. We open stockings while watching the original Grinch cartoon. And on Christmas Day we even have a particular order in how we open gifts. I’m the oldest, and I always have to go last!

As an adult I’ve added my own ritual to the Christmas season. I go see a holiday show of some kind every year. Some of my recent experiences include:

– Hip-Hop Nutcracker (the dancing grannies were hilarious!)

– Handel’s Messiah at First Presbyterian Church

– Muppet Christmas Carol at the Tower Theatre

– Christmas concert at my niece’s elementary school

This list could go on and on. These Christmas experiences bring so much joy and laughter to my life. I have fond memories of each!

This year, I won’t be attending any Christmas events. And I am extremely aware my hearing health has allowed me to partake in these many meaningful moments. I’m grateful I can enjoy all the sounds of Christmas, but not everyone is so blessed.

I can’t wait for the “silent night” of life to be over for those who suffer. Thank you for your commitment to hearing health. Thank you for providing hope for the lives of those who live in silence. When that day comes, it will be because of you.