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Because of your generosity, we are moving ahead faster than ever! And as always, we want to keep you in the loop with the very latest research news.

Your support of HEI is helping us gain ground on two very promising therapies – a hearing loss pill and an injection. The injection technology has proven itself as a treatment that not only protects inner ear hair cells, but actually regrows them. What this means is that the injection wouldn’t just protect your ears against hearing loss, but it can bring back your hearing too!

Can you imagine coming to your doctor’s office and receiving a quick injection that could restore your hearing?

With this medicine, we are now looking ahead so that we can be ready for this to be tested in a clinical setting. The next steps are for researchers to perform quick and strategic studies that will help us better predict how the injection will respond in human subjects. That information then helps us to better anticipate the best ways in which the medicine could be used and to predict possible side effects. And this is all possible because of your heroic support. You are the hero of hearing restoration, and we are deeply grateful for your investment and encouragement!

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  • Ghr

    says on:
    April 4, 2019 at 10:00 AM

    Does the hearing loss bill help with chronic tinnitus?
    If everything goes righ when do you expect to see the bill in the market?
    Thank you

    • Admin

      says on:
      April 5, 2019 at 8:07 AM

      We are still in the beginning stages of this tinnitus research. But, since the hearing loss pill is a key component of the tinnitus treatment AND it has already been through Phase I trials, we will be able to expedite this as we progress, saving time and money in the process. So we aren’t able to give specific dates – that depends heavily on too many variables (time, money, research findings) to be able to accurately predict a timeline. We hope to see the pill on the market and being used for hearing loss in the 2020’s. For now the best thing to do to stay updated is sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on Facebook. We publish all our breakthroughs via those two channels! Thanks!