Two people's feet at the swimming pool in the summer

It seems as though most people have that vacation vibe and are ready to hang by the pool, tackle some lawn care projects,  and get out and play. We want everyone to have the safest summer vacation possible, which is why we’ve compiled this list of Summer Ear Care Tips to keep you on your toes.

  • Use Sunblock – Don’t miss the tops of those ears! Your ears are delicate, so be sure to slather them in a high SPF and reapply often.
  • Shake it Off – Take a quick second and let water drain out of ears after swimming. If bacteria mixes with that warm and wet environment you could be a candidate for Swimmer’s Ear.
  • Beware the Machines – If you are working on the lawn, use hearing protection. Even an hour of a lawnmower or chainsaw noise can be harmful. And whatever you do, DON’T turn up headphones just to cover the noise! Talk about double trouble! DO use hearing protection for all lawn projects and any environment where you’ll be around loud machinery or equipment.
  • Practice Spontaneous Safety – If you’re feeling a spontaneous piercing while out with a BFF or festival hopping, understand that cartilage piercings take longer to heal and are more prone to infection. For the most memorable and least painful piercing, stick to only the lobe of the ear.
  • Stand Back – Proximity to loud noise plays a role in hearing loss. For that reason, stand back from fireworks this 4th of July and always wear hearing protection!
  • Do Not DIY – Hearing Health is not a DIY project for the summer. If something feels or sounds wrong go to a doctor. Don’t wait until the pain is severe. Don’t try to put anything foreign in your ears to troubleshoot. Go straight to a doctor to get checked out.
  • Turn Down Tunes –  In-ear style headphones are a rising cause of hearing loss among young adults and is preventable. The problem is that earbuds push volume straight into the inner ear and high volumes can be dangerous to those tiny hair cells. Turn the volume down, and use over the ear or noise-cancelling headphones if possible.
  • Make it a Habit – Get your kids in the habit of wearing ear protection in sports and activities just like any other gear. Hearing loss is getting younger, so work to teach kids positive preventions.
  • Pack the Gum – One of the biggest pains to air travel is the pressurization of the cabin at landing, especially for kids. Don’t worry though – if your kids are crying it’s just a sign that they’re experiencing the discomfort that comes with getting back to normal. To help alleviate this, try giving the kids (who are old enough) chewing gum before landing. Or try yawning and/or swallowing to help ears pressurize.

We hope this list helps you stay safe, healthy, and happy as you enjoy all your summer fun. Remember, healthy ears are happy ears!

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