One of the most exciting leads in the research at HEI is focused on curing tinnitus. Tinnitus is the hearing of noise, like clicking, ringing, or buzzing, when no noise is actually present. This condition affects millions of people and is the number one disability for U.S. veterans.

We think our veterans and our loved ones deserve better.

That’s why we’re tackling tinnitus, and you’re the hero that’s making it possible.

Our veterans have already sacrificed so much, and we’re ready to give back.

Our team suspects that losing nerve endings in the ear is one cause of tinnitus. The proposed theory basically states that when these nerve endings are damaged, the brain “turns up” its sensitivity to sound in compensation, which can lead to the ringing or other phantom sounds that are often associated with tinnitus.

Using our hearing loss pill technology, we believe that we can not only prevent but treat tinnitus by preserving or restoring these meaningful nerve connections. Currently, there is no FDA approved treatment for tinnitus. Development of this technology would be a first-in-class treatment and possibly cure this issue.

All this forward momentum is thanks to you, our faithful and heroic donors. Your gifts make this future possible!

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