Above the world. High on life.
Proud and unashamed.
One day the curtain fell,
I no longer heard the names.

You were talking,
Listening, I did not hear.
They did what? It happened when?
What did I miss?
Something I was to do?

You want me to do what?
Go out to dine with you?
Must I? With all the noise?
Let’s stay home. Just you & me.

“It’s a beautiful day.
Let’s go out. Enjoy friends”
Be with people? Talking?
No. You go. I stay. Safe in my world.

Your back is cold. Turn around.
Move your hand. Speak up.
Not so fast. Clearly, please.
Every one mumbles. I cannot hear.

Alone. Where are the smiling faces?
Dark. How did I get here?
Tired. These things don’t work!
Lost. In a corner. Just watching.

How fast it happened. I did not know.
Silence. Fog. Creeping quietly.
Spinning. Where does it take me?
Afraid. Can I stop it now?

Leave me with this angst.
There are things I can do.
I’ll be fine. Look. My lips curl.
I smile. Sinking in despair.

Wait. Don’t leave me now.
Please don’t say, “Never mind.”
Deep inside my mind, I speak. Rescue me.
Tender heart cries. Hold it.
Gently. I need you. Need your ears.

It’s okay if I don’t hear,
Just that you feel me close you said?
Your lips quiver, eyes glisten.
For me? You think there’s hope?

Doctor, put down the chart. I hear your lips.
If I could just hear in church.
The Master, you say, will guide your hands?
Yes, hope and Grace shine in the dark.

Rescued from the abyss. Listen!
Music like chimes. Water. Birds.
Candy wrapper. Crickets. Tree frogs.
Tears dropping rain. Voices of praise.
Your whisper.

Silence faded with the midnight.
There is Sound!

Gloria Evans, 2016©

Gloria Evans
Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center
Patient Advocate & Outreach Coordinator


Published with permission