By Justin DeMoss

As a recipient of our newsletter, we know you believe in the possibility of a world without hearing loss and tinnitus. A world where people can communicate freely. Hough Ear Institute does, too, but we need your help to take our research a step (or three) further:

First, consider supporting HEI monthly. Giving a lump sum is great, but continued, monthly support brings consistency to our research budget. Consistency that could fund more researchers, more innovation, and faster results. Consider this, if you currently give a single donation of $1,000/year, but change it to a recurring, monthly $100 donation, you have increased your gift by $200 with potentially minimal effort or impact to your own budget. Monthly giving is an easy way to help Hough Ear Institute plan for the future. And we make it fast, simple, and secure to do so at

Second, you know people we do not know. Who in your life needs to hear about the amazing research our team is doing? Strike up a conversation! Reach out and tell them about HEI and the exciting progress we are making! Ask them if they would be open to visiting with someone from HEI on the phone, via Zoom, or in person. The more people we have supporting this research, the more we are able to do! If they are willing to visit, reach out to Ashley at or 405-639-2856.

Third, if you are a person of prayer, pray for our research to be successful, for HEI to raise the funds necessary to keep our research moving forward, and for our team. Pray also for those who suffer from hearing loss and tinnitus as well as their loved ones. Thank you and God bless.