For those of us who suffer from tinnitus, it can be beyond frustrating. The constant ringing in our ears. The inability to go to sleep. The emotional toll and turmoil it brings into our lives. The list goes on. Worst of all, there are no treatments currently available that have been FDA-approved.    

That means when we see the doctor, they have us try various exercises and devices that “some” have found helpful for mitigating tinnitus – mitigating; not treating or curing. Then after those don’t work or we only experience the most acute relief – for some, after spending $6,000+ for hearing aids – we hear the inevitable: “You are just going to have to get used to it.” 

It is important to note our doctors are just as frustrated as we are. They are there to help heal us and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, they can do. At least right now. But that is about to change.  

“You just have to get used to it.”

– Dr. Smith on tinnitus

Hough Ear Institute (HEI) is on its way to getting the first ever FDA-approved treatment for tinnitus. An international pharmaceutical company has commissioned HEI to conduct a proof-of-concept study to determine if our product, which has shown a lot of promise in treating tinnitus in animals, is worth spending the money on a Phase II clinical trial in humans with tinnitus. We only need to raise another $125K.  

How do we raise $125K? The same way you eat an elephant, one bite/dollar at a time.  

Do you know others who suffer from tinnitus? Invite them to join you to give a gift to stop tinnitus so all of us can hear the sound of silence.  

If you have questions, comments, or would like to discuss other giving options please contact Justin DeMoss at or 405.471.9109.  

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